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Latest News From the ChicoUSBC

I think our new format for the open tournament went over well. We had more entries than last year and entries had been falling off yeraly. As had the membership in USBC, which fell again this year. This increase in entries made it possible to pay out more to the winners. We hope to keep the format again next year with team event in Chico and singles and doubles in Paradise. Have great holidays every one and see you soon.


The USBC is doing what it feels is the right thing for the future of our sport. As the local Association President it is my job to pass on their information to you. I can tell you that with a little time and patience we should see some really great things very soon. The local association will be handling all of the awards beginning in 2014. There is a commitment from USBC and the Bowling Proprietors Association for $5 million dollars toward a new youth bowling campaign. Finally someone agrees that our youth are the future of our sport. If you enjoy your weekly league session, don’t be afraid to suggest it to your own children or any of the kids you may have contact with.

As always, get out and go bowling. You’re going to have a great time.
Brett Kociemba
President Chico USBC